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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Need your Ideas about life.......

Dear Friends, we all live in small world.with new technology we know how small our world is.then my dear friends let us know your ideas and complains.to us (Kebara 2012 Team) that all your ideas and complains gives more courage to write more and more.Our plane was build this blog to help to all human kind as much we can.To share there happy and sadness.Some are will be so afraid to share there ideas in public.but if they share there ideas with all our friends they will feel the different of life.they will feel how free they are.We hope to share more valuable things here at the future.more helpful to all of us.Come on guys cheer up, give us more strength to see the world by your eye too.
All our viewers thank you so much......take care everybody!!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Do you think you are the only person which got mess your head?

Dear viewers, If I ask you some question like "What is the population in the world?".I bet lots of people will answer that question.how many actually?Dear friends there are more then 6.9 billion people in the world. Who can answer this question "How many people didn't get mess there head because of some reason?".Ohhhhh I know i know.Please don't wanna think about it.You will get your answer very soon from "Kebara 2012".

Stay with us.Enjoy your life.tell us your problems.lets discuss about your problem.when we can share our problems with some one who's like to listen to us, feel it, you will feel so much good.Trust me. Have great day my friends.

Share your life with us.......

Hi, we love to share your ideas, thoughts, complains, sadness, problems and anything you still didn't get any answers. All the things in your life we can discuss, we can share. Write here and give some cheer. Thank you everybody. Have great Future.