Friday, December 2, 2011

Share your life with us.......

Hi, we love to share your ideas, thoughts, complains, sadness, problems and anything you still didn't get any answers. All the things in your life we can discuss, we can share. Write here and give some cheer. Thank you everybody. Have great Future.


  1. Hello there! I need some kind of insight from you. Im married with children, 14, 9, and 3 years of age. My family is a priority to me however, I still want to go back to school to even better myself. I finished a 4 year college course in BSC-Commerce majored in Business Administration. I'm working in a corporation at which I have been receiving a really great compensation. But my dream career is to be in Medical Field, do you think I should do it ? If so, do you think that when my husband told me its okay. Did he really mean that? Or did he just want to say what he thinks I wanted to hear from him? Please enlighten me..reply and give me some advise..thank you!